Life has been a bumpy ride for Lily Foyle. Orphaned at six, she is adopted by an uncle later convicted of the sex slayings of three women. Detective Neil Slater believes there are more victims. He is convinced that Lily, made a ward of the Crown after the murders, is harbouring terrible knowledge of the crimes. Now a young woman, addicted to drugs and employed in the sex trade, Slater sets out with the aid of a psychologist to find out.

"In Meet The Fiend, Karen Lewis has written a crime thriller of high suspense and compelling excitement...This is a fast moving story with prose so energetic it leaps off the page. The lightning pace is driven by some of the liveliest dialogue you’ll find anywhere. This author cleverly uses dialogue to start up and leap across chapter sub-sections, making the plot flow all the more compelling. Don’t begin this one unless you have time because you won’t want to put it down once you start."
Long and Short Review

"Gritty realism permeates the pages of Meet The Fiend. Karen Lewis takes us into the mind of a Fiend and we come out horrified. Lily lived through that horror and built up her own defenses. Now Neil wants to tear them down and Lily will do anything to keep them up. Neil is equally as determined especially when it appears as if the Fiend may have returned. If you enjoy your stories with healthy doses of horror, then Meet The Fiend is perfect for you. Karen Lewis is sure to get your heart rate up as you read through this story and finally Meet The Fiend."
Sensual Reads Review

"Overall, I always enjoy a good suspense story and this definitely fit the bill. The author had me really guessing on what really happened and I always find that a plus."
Night Owl Romance Review 
"FABULOUS. I chose this book because it sounded like a fun read and it turned out to be fabulous. I loved the characters and the story and especially the unexpected and exciting conclusion. I highly recommend this book."
Goodreads Review