Life hasn’t been easy for Shannon Knight, raised by a single mother, money’s been tight, but it’s about to get a whole lot worse. When her mother uproots them, to be with a boyfriend, then suddenly goes missing, it leaves Shannon facing homelessness in a strange city where she knows no one. Convinced that this man is responsible for her mother’s disappearance, Shannon sets out to prove it, with shocking consequences.

"Alone and Afraid effectively translates the emotions the young Shannon feels with the despair of her missing mother. Karen Lewis translates the raw and scared panic Shannon's character fights so hard to keep at a quiet calm. An enticing short thriller." 
Single Titles Review 

"A hard to put down series of books, five short stories that connect with one another, as we meet Shannon, the heroine. Her life is one turmoil with men who attract but delude her, or maybe she's just not sure what kind of partner she looking for! Many frustrating and often frightening experiences cause Shannon to feel that her life is totally out of control. Fast paced and very intriguing as there are lots of twists in the plot that make it a thrilling read.
Goodreads Review

When a bomb explodes at the shopping mall where Shannon Knight works, it pitches her into a nightmare world, where nothing is as it seems. The police think her boyfriend is responsible and that she is an accomplice. She goes into hiding in a frantic bid to escape capture. But, with no money the odds are stacked against her. In this flight for her life, events continue to spiral out-of-control until the final shocking conclusion.

When Shannon Knight is taken hostage by a jewel heist gang, she finds herself in a hostile world where she fears for her life and her sanity. She begins to suspect that her best friend’s brother may be one of the robbers. This sets her on a roller coaster ride of conflicting emotions, where she is unable to trust her own judgement, and ends up on the wrong side of the law.

Neighbours from hell next door, catapult Shannon Knight into a dangerous world that ends in mayhem and murder. She seeks solace in a strange fascination for a soldier who lived over two hundred years ago. Is he really reaching out to her and capturing her soul? What about her current boyfriend who looks so much like him? As Shannon pursues the answers to these disturbing questions, a fortune in gold beckons. But the saga of her evil neighbours is not yet over, and as it reaches a shocking conclusion, it could scuttle all her plans.

When a staff member at Shannon’s store, comes in with a black eye and bruised face, she will not admit it was her husband who beat her. She later disappears. Shannon fears the woman has been murdered by her abuser, and sets out on a desperate mission to find her. But what she discovers is far more shocking and unexpected, than she’d ever dreamed possible. It leaves her fearing for her own safety, and questioning her own judgement as well.

Shannon Knight is involved in a road accident that kills a skateboarder. When someone starts to stalk her, she is unsure if there is a connection. The terrifying cat and mouse game continues, as she races against time to find out who is stalking her and why. Finally, in a menacing encounter on Halloween, she picks up a clue that reveals who the stalker is. Shannon can’t believe it, and no wonder, it is a shocker!