Seven sizzling stories about lust, larceny and murder.

Charlotte is devastated when she learns her husband is having an affair with one of her friends. It sends her into a crisis, which involves sexual liaisons with younger men, and eventually leads to murder.

When Muriel McBain, a respectable spinster, falls madly in love with a male stripper half her age, it turns her comfortable world upside down. Then on top of that she has to deal with the murderous intent of a friend and neighbour, and her own desire for revenge.

Hannah, a 19th century prostitute, finds herself married to a man so sexually depraved she calls him The Beast. She records her anguish in a journal, which is found a century later by April Ingram. April is both fascinated and repelled by what she reads, and becomes increasingly drawn into Hannah’s world. But can she pull herself back into the present before this obsession with the past destroys her?


When a block of small shops is threatened with demolition and redevelopment, it results in threats, harassment and finally murder.

Murder, kidnapping and a missing woman, revolve around a sinister old mansion with a frightening reputation.

The dig for treasure on Bell Island has been going on for centuries. Some locals believe there is a king’s ransom buried there, while others don’t. When the owner of the island suddenly disappears, foul play is suspected. Her niece arrives to search for answers. In the process, she makes a last ditch effort to find the treasure, while the ghost of Bell Island lurks outside her home.

From the moment Jay finds the intriguingly erotic photograph, concealed in the attic wall, he becomes obsessed with the image of the woman in it. She's a seductive femme fatale named Emma, who lived in his secluded island home over a hundred years ago. When he discovers her diary some time later, with its account of her dangerous life, and steamy sexual adventures, it leads him into an intensely exciting world of fantasy and taboo. As Jay falls increasingly under Emma's spell, he wonders if there are supernatural forces at work, or is it all down to his own vivid imagination?

When a shop assistant disappears from the strip mall where she works it triggers a major crime investigation. But there are no leads and the strange case remains unsolved. Then a friend takes over the missing girl's job and begins to unravel the mystery, thereby putting her own life at risk. A grim sense of foreboding permeates the story as threateningly as its landscape - a dark mile of derelict buildings where vagrants live.

"When a young shop assistant vanishes into thin air, could her replacement be next? Soon after young shop assistant Hattie Gynn mysteriously vanishes without a trace from a local strip mall, Vanessa Ward is transferred into the missing woman’s position at Colettes, a chain store selling costume jewelry and accessories. From the start, Vanessa is drawn into the mystery of what has happened to Hattie. Vanessa enlists the help of Ben, a security guard who may know Hattie just a little more than he’s willing to admit, and James, the manager of the local burger joint who has taken quite a shine to Vanessa.

Their investigation leads them into the murky world of the local homeless, especially a young man named Danny who is killed shortly after making contact with Vanessa, but not before warning her that she is next to disappear. With few leads, but steely determination, Vanessa continues to question the locals, including the eccentric Cory Pike. Soon, she realizes her own life is under threat, and the incidents of danger quickly increase. Hattie, Where Are You? is a nifty little mystery with an underlying romance. I had no idea who had caused Hattie’s untimely disappearance until the reveal."
Single Titles Review

"Hattie, Where Are You? is a strong mystery with a dash of romance. The solution remains a surprise until the end, which is nice."
Night Owl Review

Originally published under the title "GOTH," the novel received the following reviews:
"Goth is a wonderful read that houses some twists and turns bringing a chill to this reader. There were moments by the bus stop, or during Vanessa’s little encounters, that sent shudders through me. I love the atmosphere when she saw the mist, and heard the wailing foghorns of the harbor. This book keeps the reader on their toes. Karen Lewis carries the reader into an ominous story that I found powerful, sinister, and at times a bit scary. The addition of secondary characters blends well making this an eerie story that at times sends shivers down the spine." 
Coffee Time Romance Review

"If you like to spend a few hours reading a creepy mystery, Goth is your book. It moves at a good pace and Lewis does a first rate job of laying and adding atmospheric effects like rain, fog and a run-down part of town full of color characters to send a chill down your spine. The red herrings are also carefully disguised. Figuring out the mystery wasn't simple and made for a good journey."
Whipped Cream Review

"Once again, Karen Lewis has created a twisted thriller you can really sink your teeth into. GOTH is an intriguing read from start to finish. Stick around and read until the end, you won’t believe the conclusion to GOTH." 
Dark Angels Review