Reviewer Acclaimed Bestsellers By Award-Winning Author, Karen Lewis
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When Lacey Grant meets Denman, a handsome soldier, there's an instant connection between them. Their time together, however, is all too brief. Denman is soon posted overseas on a dangerous mission to Afghanistan. They marry before he leaves. Then the mother of Denman's first wife shows up and claims he murdered her daughter. As more disturbing revelations come to light about Denman, Lacey realises just how little she knows about this new husband of hers. She is torn between believing in his innocence one minute, to thinking he must be a cold-blooded murderer, the next.

"Suspicion is the kind of book you want to read when you have plenty of free time, because once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down. (However, I would not recommend this book for children under 18, due to graphic sexual situations). I was so caught up in this book that I read the whole thing in one day. I found myself going back and forth between believing he was guilty and believing he was innocent until the very last page. It's a book you won't be able to forget." Readers Review

The action never stops in this fast paced thriller about the disappearance of a young woman during the Vancouver Olympic Games. The police pull out all stops to find her. But when a detective suddenly vanishes as well, they begin to suspect there is more to the case than meets the eye. Fasten your seatbelts for a shocker of an ending.
"Deception is a fast-paced thriller...The plot is well thought-out and Ms. Lewis has a clever way of filling the mind with perplexity and suspicion as to who and why. " Coffee Time Romance
"If you are looking for a story with twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat, Deception is the story for you. Just when you think you know what is going on it takes a u-turn and leaves you hanging on."
Book Wenches
"Deception is a short, clever little mystery that will have you asking ‘what if’ by the end. The characters are interesting, and the plot moves along at a lightning speed."
Night Owl
"Deception by Karen Lewis is a short, suspenseful mystery...All in all the author had a way of making one use his mind as he read." Readers Favorite

Shortly after the Second World War, a powerful infatuation with a stranger causes a woman to walk out on her family, and disappear forever. When her daughter tries to unravel the mystery some 30 years later, it unleashes a maelstrom of conflicting emotions and bizarre events. Mysterious Stranger is an intriguing mystery with ghostly undertones that captures the essence of the era.

When her husband is arrested as a serial killer Kyla thinks it’s as bad as it gets. But there’s much more in store. Set in the frenzy of Olympic games Vancouver, Kyla swings from believing in his innocence to the utter conviction of his guilt, and then back again. And discovers, in the process, that nothing is ever as it seems.

"Kyla Mclean, on her day off, decided to lounge around in her pajamas and watch a little television. Her husband Dudley, a pilot, was out of town and would call her soon. Surfing the channels, the passport picture of her husband flashed on the screen. Thinking a plane crash, she turned the sound up and heard he was arrested for the murder of two woman. This is when her nightmare begins.The story was set during the Olympic games in Vancouver and the author put in enough facts to make the story very realistic. I can't imagine having a man you've loved for years being accused of such a horrible crime. I felt her pain and confusion."  Overall rating: 4 hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet" The Romance Studio

"Set against the background of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games, Nightmare is a story about a woman who faces what she believes to be the worst moment of her life. Little does she know it’s only the beginning. This story kept me on edge from the very beginning and I must admit I found myself trying to read as fast as I could so as to uncover the truth behind the mystery. I kept going back and forth on my opinion of Dudley's guilt. I tried to put myself in Kyla's predicament and think of how I would feel in her place. Could I believe my own husband was guilty of such despicable acts? What would I do? The author mixes the craziness of the Olympic Games with this thrilling suspense story and kept me guessing till the very end. After reading this story, you might find yourself asking the question "How well do I know the person I married? Score: 4.75 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick" Night Owl

"This story will stay with me for a while undoubtedly. It had a "scary" quality that touches on something that could easily happen to anyone. It makes you wonder how well you know anyone. As a fan of Ms. Lewis, I can only hope she keeps pouring out novels to feed my need." Book Wenches

When a shop assistant disappears from the strip mall where she works it triggers a major crime investigation. But there are no leads and the strange case remains unsolved. Then a friend takes over the missing girl's job and begins to unravel the mystery, thereby putting her own life at risk. A grim sense of foreboding permeates the story as threateningly as its landscape - a dark mile of derelict buildings where vagrants live.

"When a young shop assistant vanishes into thin air, could her replacement be next?"
Soon after young shop assistant Hattie Gynn mysteriously vanishes without a trace from a local strip mall, Vanessa Ward is transferred into the missing woman’s position at Colettes, a chain store selling costume jewelry and accessories. From the start, Vanessa is drawn into the mystery of what has happened to Hattie. Vanessa enlists the help of Ben, a security guard who may know Hattie just a little more than he’s willing to admit, and James, the manager of the local burger joint who has taken quite a shine to Vanessa.

Their investigation leads them into the murky world of the local homeless, especially a young man named Danny who is killed shortly after making contact with Vanessa, but not before warning her that she is next to disappear. With few leads, but steely determination, Vanessa continues to question the locals, including the eccentric Cory Pike. Soon, she realizes her own life is under threat, and the incidents of danger quickly increase.

Strange Disappearance is a nifty little mystery with an underlying romance. I had no idea who had caused Hattie’s untimely disappearance until the reveal." Single Titles

"Strange Disappearance is a strong mystery with a dash of romance. The solution remains a surprise until the end, which is nice."Night Owl

Originally published under the title "GOTH," the novel received the following reviews:
"Goth is a wonderful read that houses some twists and turns bringing a chill to this reader. There were moments by the bus stop, or during Vanessa’s little encounters, that sent shudders through me. I love the atmosphere when she saw the mist, and heard the wailing foghorns of the harbor. This book keeps the reader on their toes. Karen Lewis carries the reader into an ominous story that I found powerful, sinister, and at times a bit scary. The addition of secondary characters blends well making this an eerie story that at times sends shivers down the spine." Coffee Time Romance

"If you like to spend a few hours reading a creepy mystery, Goth is your book. It moves at a good pace and Lewis does a first rate job of laying and adding atmospheric effects like rain, fog and a run-down part of town full of color characters to send a chill down your spine. The red herrings are also carefully disguised. Figuring out the mystery wasn't simple and made for a good journey. Whipped Cream 

"Once again, Karen Lewis has created a twisted thriller you can really sink your teeth into. GOTH is an intriguing read from start to finish."
"Stick around and read until the end, you won’t believe the conclusion to GOTH." Dark Angel

While strolling on the Lion’s Gate Bridge on a foggy evening, Vicky Allen meets a handsome Naval Officer named Anderson Ford. They have an instant connection. This results in an erotic affair, cut short by Anderson’s strange disappearance. Vicky tries desperately to find him, but hits one dead-end after another in her search. No one has any knowledge of Anderson. Even the waiter in a bar they frequented together has no recollection of him .Vicky is distraught and devastated. It looks as if Anderson was just a figment of her own overactive imagination. Is she losing her mind?

“This suspenseful story packs a mighty punch in a few short pages along with being highly sensual. I eagerly turned the pages to see if Anderson was real. This book will keep you guessing."
Readers Favorite

When a Jumbo jet suddenly disappears while on a routine flight, it leaves the fate of hundreds of passengers in limbo. There is no shortage of theories about what happened. Margo’s daughter was on the doomed flight, and as she scrambles to decipher truth from lies, what she uncovers is far worse than she deemed possible.

Phaedra’s little sister is missing. Desperately worried, she travels to Vancouver to find her. Curtis is the detective assigned to the case, and the attraction is instant. Guilt stalks her. She shouldn’t be feeling this way, while her sister is God knows where.

In 1992, three women were brutally murdered by a serial killer known as the Surrey Strangler. He was never found. Now, more than two decades later, the murderer strikes again. Will Detective Neil Slater be able to solve the cold case and stop the killer before there are more victims?

Waiting in the silent darkness to kill a man he has never met…so begins THE STALKER…an erotic suspense story about a bureaucrat whose kinky extramarital affair plunges him into a nightmare world of murder, deceit and blackmail. It begins with a cold-blooded murder in an apartment right out of the 1940s, and ends in a terrifying conflict in a bizarrely furnished mansion.
“This is a bizarre and twisted story that starts with erotic encounters and travels quickly to mystery, murder, and suspense, and I found myself riveted from page one." Book Wenches

The store where Christie worked for thirty years has closed down. She’s unable to find another job, and fears she may end up homeless. But things are destined to get a whole lot worse. Her best friend is murdered. This brutal and senseless crime catapults Christie onto a roller coaster ride of terror and pathological evil. Some of it originates far too close to home for comfort.

The controversial Taser gun, claims another victim in this fast paced thriller with an erotic edge. Deron and Curtis, the police officers who fired the fatal shot, are catapulted into a nightmarish media blitz that screams for their blood. The last thing they expected, when they answered the call of a man acting bizarrely, was that it would destroy their lives. Communication is impossible, as he doesn't speak English. They attempt to arrest him, and he pulls a knife. They Taser him and he dies on the floor at their feet. A bystander has recorded the incident on video. He sells it to the media. Capturing the action from one angle only, it does not show the man reaching into his pocket for the knife. It is assumed, therefore, that the police acted brutally and without provocation. Public condemnation is fierce and international. Deron and Curtis are branded murderers. They are threatened and attacked.   

"This is an exceptional suspense. Ms. Lewis does an excellent job in keeping the mystery and suspense going and never really revealing what or who did it." 
Coffee Time Romance

The sprawling new development lay half-finished and deserted in the lonely darkness of a storm-lashed Sunday afternoon. In the Show Home, an opulent house with pillars and cathedral ceiling, the real estate agent chatted to a friend on her cell phone, hanging up abruptly when she heard footsteps approaching the door. "I’ll call you back as soon as they’ve left," she promised, but never did. For whoever it was had smashed her skull in, leaving her to die in front of the massive stone fireplace with its empty grate. Ten years later the murder still remained unsolved.  \

"The last pages are chillingly reminiscent of the ending scenes in the movie Psycho, very creepy." Coffee Time Romance
"The book held my attention so well that I read it in a single session."
Night Owl