Reviewer Acclaimed Bestsellers By Award-Winning Author, Karen Lewis
In 1992, three women were brutally murdered by a serial killer known as the Surrey Strangler. He was never found. 

Now, more than two decades later, the murderer strikes again. 

Will Detective Neil Slater be able to solve the cold case and stop the killer before there are more victims?

The sense of total isolation was petrifying. Rain lashed down in torrents. Fear paralysed Rona as she faced the freezing night ahead. 

Totally alone on a tiny island at the northernmost tip of Scotland, she groped her way in the darkness towards the grim old house that no one had entered for 70 years...

James is drawn like a magnet to the purple door, and the captivating woman that disappears behind it.

As Halloween night approaches he’s catapulted into a maelstrom of strange events that include a cold case murder. 

In an effort to solve the crime, he enters through the purple door, and the results are shocking.

The dig for treasure on Bell Island has been going on for centuries. Some locals believe there is a king’s ransom buried there, while others don’t. When the owner of the island suddenly disappears, foul play is suspected. Her niece arrives to search for answers. In the process, she makes a last ditch effort to find the treasure, while the ghost of Bell Island lurks outside her home.

Shortly after the Second World War, a powerful infatuation with a stranger causes a woman to walk out on her family, and disappear forever.When her daughter tries to unravel the mystery some 30 years later, it unleashes a maelstrom of conflicting emotions and bizarre events. Mysterious Stranger is an intriguing mystery with ghostly undertones that captures the essence of the era.

After thirty years of marriage, Gail is suddenly widowed, and finds herself living alone in an apartment tower, where she is the only tenant. Terrified of heights and elevators she struggles to overcome her anxiety and depression. Then she begins to question whether her husband’s death was an accident or murder.  While weird sounds at midnight convince her that the building is either haunted, or someone is trying to drive her mad.