Waiting in the silent darkness to kill a man he has never met…so begins THE STALKER…an erotic suspense story about a bureaucrat whose kinky extramarital affair plunges him into a nightmare world of murder, deceit and blackmail. It begins with a cold-blooded murder in an apartment right out of the 1940s, and ends in a terrifying conflict in a bizarrely furnished mansion.
* * * * *
“This is a bizarre and twisted story that starts with erotic encounters and travels quickly to mystery, murder, and suspense, and I found myself riveted from page one." 
Book Wenches Review

The store where Christie worked for thirty years has closed down. She’s unable to find another job, and fears she may end up homeless. But things are destined to get a whole lot worse. Her best friend is murdered. This brutal and senseless crime catapults Christie onto a roller coaster ride of terror and pathological evil. Some of it originates far too close to home for comfort.

The controversial Taser gun, claims another victim in this fast paced thriller with an erotic edge. Deron and Curtis, the police officers who fired the fatal shot, are catapulted into a nightmarish media blitz that screams for their blood. The last thing they expected, when they answered the call of a man acting bizarrely, was that it would destroy their lives. Communication is impossible, as he doesn't speak English. They attempt to arrest him, and he pulls a knife. They Taser him and he dies on the floor at their feet. A bystander has recorded the incident on video. He sells it to the media. Capturing the action from one angle only, it does not show the man reaching into his pocket for the knife. It is assumed, therefore, that the police acted brutally and without provocation. Public condemnation is fierce and international. Deron and Curtis are branded murderers. They are threatened and attacked.
* * * * *
"This is an exceptional suspense. Ms. Lewis does an excellent job in keeping the mystery and suspense going and never really revealing what or who did it.
Coffee Time Romance Review

The sprawling new development lay half-finished and deserted in the lonely darkness of a storm-lashed Sunday afternoon. In the Show Home, an opulent house with pillars and cathedral ceiling, the real estate agent chatted to a friend on her cell phone, hanging up abruptly when she heard footsteps approaching the door. "I’ll call you back as soon as they’ve left," she promised, but never did. For whoever it was had smashed her skull in, leaving her to die in front of the massive stone fireplace with its empty grate. Ten years later the murder still remained unsolved.
* * * * *
"The last pages are chillingly reminiscent of the ending scenes in the movie Psycho, very creepy."
Coffee Time Romance Review
In 1992, three women were brutally murdered by a serial killer known as the Surrey Strangler. He was never found. Now, more than two decades later, the murderer strikes again. Will Detective Neil Slater be able to solve the cold case and stop the killer before there are more victims?

When her husband is arrested as a serial killer Kyla thinks it’s as bad as it gets. But there’s much more in store. Set in the frenzy of Olympic games Vancouver, Kyla swings from believing in his innocence to the utter conviction of his guilt, and then back again. And discovers, in the process, that nothing is ever as it seems.

"This story kept me on edge from the very beginning and I must admit I found myself trying to read as fast as I could so as to uncover the truth behind the mystery. I kept going back and forth on my opinion of Dudley's guilt.
Night Owl Review

"This story will stay with me for a while undoubtedly. It had a "scary" quality that touches on something that could easily happen to anyone. It makes you wonder how well you know anyone. As a fan of Ms. Lewis, I can only hope she keeps pouring out novels to feed my need."
Book Wenches Review